Spitfire Dashboard

Step in to the Pilots Seat

You are at the heart of the system as soon as you open the door.

Multi-Channel Selling - Manage all of your Marketplaces in one system. From Stock Control to Automatic Order Importing. Including Amazon and eBay.

Drop Shipping and Just-In-Time Purchasing - If your Suppliers support it, you can drop-ship your orders or purchase everything you need, as you need it. Perfect for all of those who resell I.T or Office Products.

What It Does

So What Can It Do?

The simple answer is - everything! - and we automate as much as possible.

Firstly - we cover all CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features from Customer Accounts (Trade and Retail, On Account and Card Payments), Marketing and Lead Generation from those Customers - Multiple Addresses and Contacts come as standard. Bolt on the ERP Features (Electronic Resource Planning) to cover all of your Ordering, Stock Control, Purchasing and Deliveries. Then throw in the Accounts Features to invoice your customers, keep on top of Credit Control - and a whole lot more!


Spitfire AMS is Different, it is Yours!

With us, there is no "Out of the Box" Solution. Everything in the system is tailored to your business. If you need something adding, changing or even removing - our team are at your fingertips!

Bespoke Reports

From Stock Forecasting, Production Planning to Gap Analysis - Reports can be tailored for any Industry.

Choice of Support

Regardless of the size of your business or price plan you are on - you will have Telephone and Email Support.

Your Place, or Ours

Our system is designed to work even on the most basic of systems, you can have the system hosted on your network, or up in the Cloud.


Whether you have 9 products or 90,000, 10 customers or 1 million - Spitfire AMS will handle the same regardless of the load.


Our Development Team are always on-hand to create new or modify existing features to work for your business. Regardless of your Price Plan!


You can access your system securely anywhere in the World, and from any device with a Web Browser.

Interested in Finding Out More?

For those who want to get to know the system and have a look around - we can give you a guided tour. For those who need help migrating from their existing system then we have a Special Package to take care of it all for you. Lets start with a couple of questions to get to know eachother.