Spitfire AMS has been developed with Features designed to run any size business from the small Bookseller on Amazon, right through to an Industry Leader in Manufacturing. It doesn't stop there though, our Development Team are on-hand to add in those extras, modify existing features or even remove sections altogether should your business require it. This allows us to provide an overall bespoke service tailored to your business.

Spitfire Features Dashboard


  • The first thing you see when you login.
  • Users only see what they need to (e.g. Warehouse, Accounts)
  • Displays all the information you need/want at a glance without having to run any reports.
  • The information you see is displayed in Real-Time so you will always see the most up-to-date information.

Supplier Management

  • Unlimited number of Suppliers.
  • Supplier Specific Pricing.
  • Ability to import Supplier Price Lists and Data Feeds (automatic or manually).

Sales Orders and Quotations

  • Sales Orders can be assigned to Operators and Reports designed for them (e.g. Commission Reports)
  • Payment can be taken or recorded at Order Entry (e.g. Credit Card, On Account etc.).
  • Orders can be put On Hold (or automatically based on various rules).
  • The ability to "Part-Ship" Orders when some/all of the Stock for that Order is available.
  • Sales Orders and Quotations can include the Customers Logo.
  • Automatic Emailing of Customer Delivery and Tracking Information.
  • Automatic Generation and Emailing of Invoices and Credit Notes.
  • Ability to Drop-Ship for your own customers.
Tickets and Cases

Case Management

  • Often referred to as "Tickets", "Cases" or "Calls".
  • Ability to log Cases against a Particular Customer.
  • Cases could be used for Returns, logging Calls, Complaints etc..
  • Cases can be transferred between Operators and appear on their Dashboard.
  • Files can be attached to Cases and included in Case Reports.

Stock Management

  • Stock Taking and Adjustments can be done on any device (including a Smartphone).
  • Set Low Stock Levels and Re-Order Levels to appear when the Shopping List is run.
  • Supports Multiple Locations (e.g. Warehouse, Shop) and Stock Replenishment.
  • Supports Bin Locations (e.g. B7.1.3) and "Bulk Bin Locations".
  • Stock Records can be setup as Packs or BOMs (Bill of Materials) for Manufacturing.
  • Batch Details / Information can be recorded against Stock Transactions.
  • Bin Labels and Batch Labels can be printed directly from Spitfire.

Customer and Prospect Management

  • Supports Multiple Contacts which can be assigned roles (e.g. to receive Invoices, Statement, Order Acknowledgements etc.)
  • Can be assigned Multiple Addresses (e.g. for Multiple Branches, Drop Shipping etc.)
  • Ability to Setup Account Categories (e.g. Trade Customer, Retail Customer, High Priority etc.)
  • Ability to run Credit Checks directly from Spitfire through Experian (in Development)
  • Custom Data Capture for collecting Marketing data or general customer information.
  • Customer Access System to view Orders, Cases, Invoices etc.
  • CRM Telesales for Prospecting and Telesales

Warehouse Management

  • Reports for Stock Bin Locations and Multiple Locations (Multiple Warehouses, Shops, Stock Replenishment)
  • Print Address Labels directly from Spitfire.
  • Direct link with NetDespatch to Print Royal Mail Labels and record Tracking Information in Spitfire.
  • Customer and Supplier Returns Processing.
  • Automatic Booking In of Stock if your Supplier Supports it.
  • Goods In Booking using Barcodes or References (and more than one operator can book in at the same time).


  • Purchase Order Creation and Modification.
  • Back to Back Purchase Orders.
  • Direct Ship / Drop Shipping of Sales Orders.
  • Automatic Sending of Purchase Orders to Suppliers (either through EDI or simply sending an email to Suppliers who don't support it).
  • Importing of Supplier Order Acknowledgements and logging of Delivery Dates, Back Order Quantities etc..

Project Management

  • Unlimited number of "Stages" for each Project.
  • Each Project Stage can be assigned to a Document or Process in the System (e.g. Stock Levels, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice Payment).
  • Project Stages can be automatically closed / transferred based on the completion of the linked process.


  • Stock Forecasting Reports
  • Customer Order Reports
  • Stock Level Reports
  • Supplier Returns Reports
  • - the Reports are endless and Custom ones can be created to meet your requirements.

Market Place Integration

  • Automatic Market Place Order Importing (Amazon, eBay - others available on request)
  • Update Order Status and Shipping Information to the relevant Market Places.
  • Ability to set pricing specific to each Market Place.
  • Supports Multiple Market Place Accounts (such as Amazon Europe, Amazon US etc.).
  • Amazon Automatic Re-Pricer included (currently in Development).
  • Automatic Update Stock Levels and Pricing.

e-Commerce Management

  • Automatic Importing of Orders from your e-Commerce Store.
  • Automatic Updating of Order Statuses.
  • Automatic Updating of Stock Levels and Pricing.
  • Creation and Updating of Stock Records.
Asterisk VoIP

VoIP System

  • Links directly to an Asterisk PBX VoIP System.
  • Call Records and Details assigned to Customer Contacts in Spitfire.
  • Direct Calling or "Click to Call" available through Spitfire.
  • Auto-Dialler Facility available through Spitfire.
  • Various Call Reports and Call Wallboards available.


  • Ability to Share Files with other Users (and restrict their access).
  • Company Information Page to show any news, messages etc.
  • Employee Holiday / Absence Calendar (Currently in Development)
  • Touch-Screen and Fingerprint Clocking In System


  • Multiple Bank Accounts and Payment Methods
  • Automatically email Customer Invoices
  • Integration with your favourite Accounts Package (Sage, Kashflow, Xero etc.)
  • Supports any Base Currency (e.g. Euro, GBP, USD, Yen)
  • Multi-Currency


  • Full MRP Available (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Ability to create Production, non-Production and Stock Orders.
  • Job Card Production
  • Stock Traceability
  • Production Planning

e-Commerce System

  • Bespoke e-Commerce System
  • Commercial and Retail Pricing
  • Quantity Break Pricing
  • Back Office / e-Commerce Live Synch
  • - and more features added daily